Love to bird?  Looking for chances and places to go birding?  Want to learn more about birds and birding?  This might be the group for you.

We are a loosely organized group of locals who love birding. Some have years of experience observing and identifying birds. Some of us are backyard birders, building our list of recognizable birds. All of us want to learn more about the birds who reside in, migrate through, or occasionally visit our area.

This website is our way to keep in touch about:

–Bird Club meetings,

–community birding events,

–bird sitings and locations,

–ways to assist our local bird population

–internet sites of interest to birders

We are a work in progress. Let us know what else you’d like to see included.

To become a member of the Franklin Bird Club, simply attend a meeting or walk and provide your name and email address.  There are no fees, though occassionally we may take donations for opperating costs or to support local organization (ex.  F.R.O.G.S and the Greenway.)  This site and emails will notify you of upcoming events.  Hope to see you soon.

11 thoughts on “Meet the Franklin Bird Club

  1. Hi, Sheila—Thanks for your interest in the Franklin Bird Club. You have found the best place for bird club news, walks and meetings. Be a follower on our site and receive email notifications of new posts.
    Weekly Greenway walks are at 8:00am on Wednesday. Starting points rotate between the Library, Big Bear and Salali Lane. ( Next walk is 5/15 at Salali Lane.)
    Meetings are held every other month (Feb. to Oct.). Next meeting is Mon., 5/13, 7:00pm at the Library. Kim Brand of Audubon is our speaker.
    We’re always pleased to welcome a fellow birder. Hope to see you soon!—sf

  2. Where and when does the Franklin Bird Club meet? I’m a 5 1/2 month summer resident in Mill Creek and I’ve been birding for 46 years. Not the best birder these days, but enthusiastic. I love to travel the world to see as many birds as I can while I’m still able. Thanks,
    Sheila Williams

  3. my daughter saw what looked like a small parrot or parakeet . Quaker Parrot? are they in this area?

  4. Kim—Under the post “Greenway Walks” the date, location, and starting time for each walk can be found. Scroll down to find the date you are interested in. Only 9 walks left this fall. No, you don’t have to join, be on a mailing list, or attend meetings to come on a walk.Thanks for your interest.

  5. Do you have a place on your website that indicates the upcoming bird hikes without having to join, be on a mailing list or attend the mtgs? Or is it private? I can’t find where to meet and what time at your website. Can you please direct me to where I can find this information? Thank you!

  6. Julie– The starts for our Greenway walks rotates between 3 Greenway locations–the Library, Salali Lane and Big Bear Park. Check this web page under the Greenway Walks post to see this weeks and future starting spots. Thanks for your interest. Hope to see you on a walk.–sf

  7. Hello! I see in the post above that you have Wednesday walks on the Little Tennessee Greenway, however I can’t find where to meet and what time. Can you please direct me to where I can find this information? Thank you!


  8. Lynn–Glad to have you in the area. Our web page is one place to learn about what is happening with the Franklin Bird Club. Another way is to join the group for a Wednesday walk on the Little Tennessee Greenway, in Franklin. Also, we hope to see you at a bird club meeting held the second Monday of June, August, and October, 7:00pm at the Macon County Library.–sf

  9. Hi, just moved to Almond a year ago and am an amateur birder. Would love to hear about your goings-on.

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