As we wrap up 2017,  many, many thanks for another fabulous year of birding.

We begin with Jean Hunnicutt because that’s where each year begins.  By November, Jean is already making her plans for 2018–walk leaders, speakers, support for local organizations, possible Greenway projects, and special walks.  She keeps us all thinking and planning.  Jean is, without a doubt, the heart and soul of the Franklin Bird Club.



Thanks also to Greenway Walk Leaders:  Tim Carstens, Micheal Delesantro and Renee Rubin, Karen Laurence, Jim and Ellen Shelton.  The Franklin Bird Club would not be what it is without them.  Although each has their own style and areas of expertise, they are always willing to share their knowledge and skills, answer birding questions, and find those birds wherever they may hide.  This year, Wednesday walk participants totaled more than 400.

This year’s programs began with an introduction to bird myths and legends by Barbra Duncan.  We traveled to India with Romney Bathurst and to Belize with Barbara McRae and Bob Gilbert.   We improved our birding skills with the help of Tim Carstens and Jim and Ellen Shelton.  Ed and Cindy Boos shared photo and video images for a close up of bird life, and we ended our year with Dennis Desmond’s sobering look at bird conservation and why it’s needed in our area.  Sincere thanks to each of our presenters for sharing their time and expertise with us.

This spring, the Franklin Bird Club also hosted 4 special, off-the-Greenway, birdwalks lead by Jim and Ellen Shelton, Don Hendershot and by John and Cathy Sill.  These provided opportunities to add birds most often seen at certain elevations and in more specialized environments.  A big thanks to these folks for the extra time and planning that goes into more extensive trips.

IMG_3907Finally, coming up soon is the Audubon Christmas Bird Count on Dec. 14.  Thanks to Rita St. Clair for spearheading this special event.  She is in charge of setting up the documentation for the count and reporting our local numbers to Audubon.  Numbers and bird lists are collected by 5 birding teams lead by Don Hendershot, Tim Carstens, Karen Lawrence, Suzanne Fosselman and John Sill.  Rita’s patience and attention to detail, as well as her dedication to accuracy is recognized and appreciated.

Well, that wraps up another year of FBC birding.  The final thanks go to you for your participation and support of our local bird club.  The excitement of birding is catching on in the area and we are seeing real growth in our club.

Until we see you again, stay safe, have a wonderful holiday, and keep birding!


PS We still miss you, Paula and Charlie.

2 thoughts on “Thanks to All

  1. How do I sign up for the Christmas bird count? Where do we meet? I will be coming from Bryson City.

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