Preliminary numbers are in for the Christmas Bird Count in Franklin.  Some minor changes may occur in totals as field reports are double checked.

2017 (Year 5)–23 birders–64 species–Total birds counted 3,571

Many thanks to those of you who participated and the great job by team leaders and record keepers.  It was a beautiful day inspite of our low numbers (perhaps because of the recent heavy snow??)

If you haven’t joined us yet for this special day of birding and serving as citizen scientists, please put it in your plans for next year (mid December.)  We can really use additional team members who are committed to this event.

Our brief Christmas Count history:

2012 (practice year)–21 birders–57 species–Total birds counted: 3,323

2013 (Year 1)–31 birders–60 species–Total birds counted: 4,270 plus 60,000 robins

2014 (Year 2)–30 birders–64 species–Total birds counted: 6,196

2015 (Year 3)–27 birders–65 species–Total birds counted: 3,420

2016 (Year 4)–34 birders–71 species–Total birds counted: 5,596

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