February 16 and 19
Great Backyard Bird Count at Mountain View Intermediate School
We’ve helped with this event in the past and they’ve asked us to do it again!
It’s 5th and 6th graders and there will be morning and afternoon sessions.  Students will bird around the school:  one group will go around the back of the school where there are woods and brush piles, etc. and the other team will go around the front of the school where there is a stream and early successional scrub/shrub habitat.   In the past they’ve seen American Kestrel and even a pair of Wilson’s Snipe!
They need volunteers to help id birds, help with binoculars and in general just help introduce kids to the joys of birding.
It’s always fun.
Hope you can help both days but if not, just let me know what works for you:
  • Both Friday and Monday
  • Friday only
  • Monday only
Please volunteer by replying to this email or call 828-524-5234.
We need binoculars too.  If you have an extra pair or know of a source for loaners, please let me know that too.
We’ll send details about hours, location, etc. later.
Thanks.  This is such a great way to get kids out and interested in birds!
I hope most of you know about AlarkA Expeditions, Brent and Angela Martin’s new venture.
They have a wonderful events coming up, including some birding trips.
2018 Is The Year of the Bird
Audubon, National Geographic, Cornell, BirdLife International and bird lovers everywhere are teaming up for a year of action for birds! 2018 is the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and what better way to honor our most important bird-protection law than with our own small ways of protecting birds.
We hope you’ll commit to taking a single action to help/save birds each month.
And finally here’s one way you can help:  build a simple “hotel” for attracting beneficial insects.

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