At the 2018 Bird Club program planning meeting, a project was discussed to build at least one Chimney Swift tower on the Greenway. Barbara McRae thought this may be a project that Duke Energy would be interested in supporting.

We are happy to announce that Duke will provide $500 toward the project. Other donations will also be accepted. All funds will be administered by the Friends of the Greenway.

If you’d like to donate to this project, make your check payable to Friends of the Greenway, designating Chimney Swift Project and mail to 573 East Main St, Franklin, NC 28734.

Jim Shelton and John Sill will be coordinating the project. If you would like to volunteer to help them, email Jean Hunnicutt at jeanronhunnicutt@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “Chimney Swift Tower

  1. Thanks for your comments. The FBC is excited about this new addition to the Greenway. We will post more information as the tower gets underway late this spring. –Suzanne

  2. Right now the old Northfield campus of Northfield Mt Hermon School in Northfield, (site of future Thomas Aquinas College) has a Lot of high, old chimneys which harbor Many chimney swifts during the summer nesting season. How long will these old chimneys last? I like this idea, to build a new and lasting place.

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