Welcome to a new year with the Franklin Bird Club.

As always, Jean has gathered programs with something for everyone, from beginning to experienced birders and from  frequent travelers to backyard birders.  Plan to meet new experts, as well as visiting with our favorites at bird club meetings.  We meet the 2nd Monday of Feb., April, June, Aug., and October.

June 11 (date change)

Topic:  Chimney Swifts

Presented by:  Tom Tribble

Location:  Macon County Public Library
Time:  7:00 pm

Monday,  April 16

Topic:  “Birding in Trinidad/Tobago”

Presented by:  John & Cathy Sill

Thanks to John and Cathy for a chance to meet and enjoy the colorful birds of Trinidad and Tobago.   Their great photos of tropical birds and their description of a stay at the Asa Wright Nature Center was complete with porch viewing possibilities of more than 40 species.  The Sill’s birding adventure was organized by Caligo Ventures, Portal, AZ.
Monday, February 19 
Topic:  “Birds in the Backyard and Beyond” 
Presented by:  Birder and photographer, Tim Carstens
Thanks, Tim, for a terrific start to our new year.  Your backyard–and beyond– photos are an inspiration to the photographer in all of us.  Including equipment, birding groups, birding hot-spots, print and online resources sent birders of every level home with new places to bird and ways to improve their skills.
 August 20

Topic:  Birding in Thailand

Presented by:  Jim & Ellen Shelton

Location:  Macon County Public Library

Time:  7:00 pm


September 17

Topic:  TBA (as always, videos and still photographs not to be missed)

Presented by:  Ed & Cindy Boos

Location:  Macon County Public Library
Time:  7:00 pm
October 15–Final Meeting for 2018

Topic:  The Greenway:  History/Sections/Birds and Other Wildlife

Presented by:  Barbara McRae

Location:  Macon County Public Library

 Time:  7:00 pm

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