Program #6 “Birding in Costa Rica”

Presenter: Pam Higginbotham

Thanks to Pam for an outstanding–though too brief–journey to Costa Rica.

The birds were amazing, the geography interesting and the people she’s met while traveling in the country 3 times only added to her personal tale of how birding can enrich our lives. Her story was brought to life by her collection of bird and landscape photos.

If you’re interested in seeing Costa Rica and its birds in person, contact Pam for a special offer that might lead to the trip of your dreams.


Program #5 “Spring Birding Along the North Florida Coast”

Presentors: Jim and Ellen Shelton

There’s always something new to be learned when Jim and Ellen talk birds.

Along with the outstanding photos of Tim Carstens, they shared the trip taken by some of our FBC members to Tallahassee in April 2019.  Tim’s photos provided the chance for a closer, longer look at birds, both familiar and seldom seen.

Thanks to the entire group for sharing your birding adventures with us.

Program #4 “Bird Communication: Sound, Color and Dance”

Dr. Olya Milenkaya, Young Harris College

Dr. Milenkaya presented a great program on the many ways in which birds transmit information to one another, including sonation, color, pattern, and dancing to send messages. This program addressed three questions: (1) What are birds communicating about? (2) How are they communicating this? (3) Why, in the broadest sense, are they doing this anyway? We explored examples from both local species and those from around the world, highlighting the broad and fascinating diversity of avian communication.  Her information was new to many of us and her approach was both entertaining and educational. The evening left many wishing we’d had more instructors in school with Dr. Milenkaya’s passion for her topic. Thank you, Dr. Milenkaya!

Dr. Milenkaya


Program #3 5/13 “Protecting Birds and the Places They Need:  Today and Tomorrow”

Kim Brand, senior network manager for Audubon North Carolina

Many thanks to Kim for sharing a brief history of the 5-year-old Bird-Friendly Communities program, shout-outs for Franklin Bird Club’s nesting boxes, Purple Martin high-rise and Chimney Swift Towers, as well as ideas for ways to make Franklin and surrounding communities more welcoming to the birds who pass through during migration and stop and stay awhile to nest.


Program #2 “Digital Birding:  Using Online and Electronic Resources to Find and Identify Birds”

Tim Carstens
Amy Boggan

A great program on technology programs that can assist with our birding. Thanks, Tim and Amy!

Amy: “If you have one take-away from our talk, let it be eBird. It’s free. It’s citizen science, and it helps with conservation efforts. Plus, it automatically creates a record of what you have seen and where (by country, state, county, or however you wish to view by day, month, year, or lifetime). Even if you don’t use a smart phone, you can enter your sightings on the eBird website at ebird.org. But we definitely recommend the eBird phone app as it makes tracking sightings easier in the field.”

Also, included were sites to assist with recognizing bird songs/calls; tools for identifying birds; and some sites to use when traveling. Just the nudge some of us may need to add to our use of technology when birding.

Program #1: “Of Birds and Bees:  Evaluating the Insect Apocalypse”

Feb.11, Speaker Kefyn Catley

Thanks to Kefyn Catley, our yearly programs are off to a great start. With his extensive background in arthropod research , Kefyn shared statistics that quickly brought our attention and concern to the changes being documented in insect populations around the world. Because insects provide a foundation for life on earth, their shrinking numbers will in time effect all other life forms. Our program coincided with several recent reports on the dramatic changes occurring in insect and bird populations. Kefyn was able to clarify and explain what these reports mean to us and what we can do to help slow this decline.

Aug. 12 – Simon Thompson


Oct. 14 – Pam Higginbotham


One thought on “Celebrate our 2019 Programs

  1. Spring Birding Along the North Florida Coast

    Due to a scheduling conflict, Simon Thompson is not available for our August evening presentation. Jim and Ellen Shelton will talk about the trip that some of the FBC members took to Tallahassee in April 2019. Tim Carstens will share some of his great pictures, as well as some shots from others in the group.

    August 12, 7:00 pm, Macon Co Library

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