With the coming of the new year, Jean has organized our speakers for the 2019 meetings. It looks to be a terrific year, with something for everyone. More details will be added as we get started.

Program #1: “Of Birds and Bees:  Evaluating the Insect Apocalypse”

Feb.11, Speaker Kefyn Catley

Thanks to Kefyn Catley, our yearly programs are off to a great start. With his extensive background in arthropod research , Kefyn shared statistics that quickly brought our attention and concern to the changes being documented in insect populations around the world. Because insects provide a foundation for life on earth, their shrinking numbers will in time effect all other life forms. Our program coincided with several recent reports on the dramatic changes occurring in insect and bird populations. Kefyn was able to clarify and explain what these reports mean to us and what we can do to help slow this decline.

Kefyn M Catley is emeritus professor of biology at Western Carolina University where he taught and conducted research in organismal evolutionary biology and science education. He holds a PhD in arthropod systematics from Cornell and was a research scientist at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY. Traveling extensively he has studied spiders on four continents and held faculty positions at Rutgers and Vanderbilt universities. A naturalist, passionate photographer, and lifelong observer of the tiny creatures “that run the world”, Kefyn gives talks and workshops at photographic clubs and societies where he encourages photographers to become citizen scientists by documenting and sharing their local arthropod diversity online. His research has been published extensively in a wide range of scientific journals and his photographs have been exhibited in galleries, appeared in magazines, and online.

Apr. 8 – Tim Carstens and Amy Boggan

“Birding Resources”

May 13 – Kim Brand, NC Audubon

 “Protecting Birds and the Places They Need:  Today and Tomorrow”

June 10 – Dr. Olga Milenkaya, Young Harris College

“Bird Communication: Sound, Color and Dance”

Aug. 12 – Simon Thompson


Oct. 14 – Pam Higginbotham


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