Tim Carstens is a bird club member–and Greenway walk leader–with a passion for birds and photography. Who better to share his bird photos for identification and enjoyment during times that limit our group birding?

(If you use, or pass on, any of these, please give Tim credit as the photographer.)

Thanks, Tim!–sf

If I have any of these mixed up, please let me know. The mistake is mine, not Tim’s.–Suzanne

Some to Enjoy, Some to Compare

American Golden Plover–TC
Female Wood Duck
Scarlet Tanager–TC
Black Vulture–TC
Turkey Vulture–TC
Great-blue Heron–TC

Bright colors and tricky ones

Baltimore Oriole–TC
Eastern Meadowlark–TC
Cliff Swallow–TC
Blue Grosbeak–TC
Blue Jay–TC
Gray Catbird–TC
Brown Thrasher–TC
Wood Thrush–TC


Yellow-Throated Warbler–TC
Kentucky Warbler–TC
Northern Parula–TC
Blackburnian Warbler–TC
Yellow Warbler–TC
Worm-eating Warbler–TC
Prothonotary Warbler/Big Bear–TC
Blackpoll Warbler–TC
Prairie Warbler–TC
Cape May Warbler–TC
American Redstart–TC


Eastern Meadowlark–TC
Dobbins Farm, SC
Horned Lark–TC
Dobbins Farm, SC
Barn Owl–TC
Dobbins Farm–SC
Tree Swallow–TC
Pileated Woodpecker–TC
Downey Woodpecker–TC
Eastern Towhee–TC
Northern Flicker–TC
Common Yellow Throat–TC
European Starling–TC
American Robin–TC
American Goldfinch–TC
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker–TC
American Crow–TC

Black Vulture–TC

Tufted Titmouse–TC
Swamp Sparrow
Red Shouldered Hawk
Red Bellied Woodpecker
Northern Cardinal
Canada Goose
Cedar Waxwing
Belted Kingfisher
Field Sparrow
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Brown-headed Nuthatch by TC
Eastern Bluebird by TC
White-eyed Vireo by TC
Red-winged Blackbird by TC
Wood Duck by TC
Eastern Screech Owl by TC

Watch for more to come!

4 thoughts on “On the Trail with Tim

  1. wonderful pictures, Tom, for id-ing and just loving the local birds. I left Franklin in 2015 and miss the bird club walks, and, my gosh, see youve all done such fantastic education and projects all over town. Thanks for being there for the birds..bees, butterflies, bugs …schoolhouse earth

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