Franklin Bird Club plans have been on hold due to the Covid 19 virus, but things are looking up!

First back in our lineup are the Wednesday Greenway Walks, beginning May 12, 2021.

Other meetings and Special Activities are currently on hold as we followed the guidelines and directives of our local and state health departments.

Though many of us have continued birding at home or as individuals, it has been a long, difficult period.

We hope that you and your families have stayed safe and well.

Covid vaccinations offer hope that things are turning around and that in the future we will continue to return to more normal situations when birders can once again gather to enjoy birding together. (Distanced but together.)

As more plans become available, they will be posted here on our website.

One thought on “The birds are returning and so is FBC!

  1. We, in the Northfield Bird Club–Franklin County, Mass.—have had no walks, no in person talks (two zoom programs and one was on Lampreys which are found here in the Conn. River.) We, as Suzanne Fossilman knows, occasionally email sightings. Low seed production has brought a greater number of finches and sparrows south to us. Pine Siskins are a good example. I will be surprised if there is a vaccine ready for the general public before next fall. Keep safe & our best from Franklin County up north. Nick

    On Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 10:54 AM Welcome to the Franklin Bird Club wrote:

    > fbcb11 posted: ” Although we began 2020 with high hopes and big plans for > the Franklin Bird Club, it was not to be. Meetings, Wednesday Greenway > Walks and other Special Activities were soon cancelled due to Covid 19. We > followed the guidelines and directives of our ” >

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