For some time, the Franklin Bird Club and the Friends of the Greenway have searched for a way to honor our friend, Barbara McRae, and to pass on her legacy of love for the Greenway and appreciation of nature. The following describes our vision and invites each of you to help make this vision a reality.

This project will require the assistance of those with experience and expertise in design, engineering, foundation work and construction. If you have experience to share in any of these areas, please contact: Rita St. Clair ( frog28734@gmail.com)

To begin this major fund raising effort, John and Cathy Sill have donated an original watercolor. Raffle tickets will be available beginning Saturday, May 7, at Frog Fair.

“Appalachian Mountain Spring” Original Watercolor by John Sill. Framed.

The Franklin Bird Club and the Friends of the Greenway look forward to a successful raffle, future fundraising, and your generous donations leading to a viewing platform to be enjoyed by current and future generations of our community.

2 thoughts on “Sharing Our Vision

  1. Hello Franklin Bird Club,

    Are there any raffle tickets left to benefit the McRae viewing platform? If so, how do I purchase one?

    Thank you, Hygie Starr

  2. This project would make Barbara smile and then laugh with delight. The memorial platform is a perfect honor and such an important gift to our community. Thanks and more thanks to FBC and FROG, and the Sills!* Appalachian Mountain Spring *looks like a watercolor treasure. Let us all be part of helping to make this happen!

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