Our meetings this year have been on hold.

But the Library is having an exhibit of Ed and Cindy Boos photography the month of September, and we want to have a meeting / reception to kick that off:  September 6 at 5:00 pm.  Ed and Cindy will talk about their wildlife adventures – with an emphasis on birds – during the last year.

Hope to see you there – and on our weekly Greenway walks on Wednesday mornings.

Thanks to Amy Boggan and Pam Higginbotham, Tim Carstens and Jim and Ellen Shelton our wonderful leaders who make the walks such a pleasure for seasoned birders as well as beginners.

One thought on “Save the Date!

  1. I’m new to TN and have yet to find a fellow birder in my area of Covington in Tipton county. I’ve left messages with groups in Memphis but haven’t heard back from anyone. Although I’m an experienced birder, I don’t feel safe enough venturing out in a new state by myself yet and would appreciate some birders allowing me to shadow them for a bit. Thank you

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