Thanks to Tim Carstens, we can now double check our backyard bird sightings.  Here are some of the most common in our area at this time of the year.

We will be adding as photos as the seasons change and soon we’ll move into more woodland birds.  Hope this will be a help to our beginning birders.

If you’d like us to include specific birds from our area, let me know in the comment section below.–sf

Northern Cardinal male Lee St 031117 (1)

Northern Cardinal female Lee st 033117 (5)

White breasted Nuthatch Shelton's 051617 (2)

Ruby-throated Hummingbird, female, Lee st 062117

Red-bellied Woodpecker Lee St 030317

Pileated Woodpecker WCU hiking trail 052417 (45)

Northern Mockingbird Jackson Co Rec Center 052417 (21)

Mourning Dove Lee St 020717 (1)

European Starling WCU (9)

Eastern Bluebird L Junaluska 031617 (1)

Carolina Wren Greenway 061417 (6)

Carolina Chickadee Lee St 020117 (2)

Blue Jay Lee St 022017 (1)

American Robin Lee St 020817

American Goldfinch Lee St 062517 (21)

American Crow Junaluska 021017 (1)