In the past several years, members of the Franklin Bird Club have made great contributions to the Greenway.  These have included financial donations, volunteer time spent triming and weeding, and offering weekly bird walks for the community.

But two, easily seen, FBC donations to the Greenway are the Purple Martin House–now fully occupied–from Bob Gilbert, and this year’s new nesting boxes from Jim and Ellen Shelton.



The Puple Martin complex is found near the Community Garden and was installed by Terry Browning and George James.

Though it took a bit of time the Purple Martins are now enjoying their new lodgings– and getting acquainted with their neighbors. DSC_5874

This spring, with funds collected from the FBC, Jim Shelton built 12 cedar bird boxes, including 4 Blue Bird, 4 House Wren and 4 Tree Swallow boxes.  He and Ellen installed them along the Greenway on posts with stove-pipe, predator guards.

By summer, 11 out of the 12 were in use, with nestlings or eggs from 5 different species occupying them.  Jim estimates a total of 2 hours was spent building and installing each box.  The boxes are monitored by George Kaye and by Jim and other birders on the Wednesday Bird Walks.

IMG_1248Tree Swallow in Jim's box Greenway 053117 (4)

Thanks to Bob, Jim and Ellen, the Greenway continues to welcome and provide additional shelter for our feathered friends.–sf