There’s nothing like birders who know their way around hammers, saws and computers.  As many of you know, the Franklin Bird Club has long had a close relationship with the Little Tennessee River Greenway, where we hold our Wednesday walks.

In the past, birders have added a Purple Martin House, donated by Bob Gilbert, and numerous nest boxes, built by George Kaye and Jim Shelton, to the Greenway.

More recently birders, Tom Reisdorph (frame designer/builder) and Rita St. Clair (sign designer), joined forces to add an educational sign on the Suli Marsh board walk.IMG_2239

Now Friends of the Greenway (FROGs)  are completing renewal of the Greenway Butterfly Garden, a Monarch Way Station.  Beginning last year, FROGs worked to secure grant funding from the Macon County Unrestricted Endowment Fund, which is administered by the North Carolina Community Foundation, and individual donations for the garden.  Early this spring, work began in earnest with weeding, roto-tilling, and plant identification.

Since then, more than 400 new plants have been added, along with a wonderful new arbor, thanks to birder builders, David Hinson, Michael Delasantro, George Kaye and  Dick Bargman.

The final pieces added to the garden are 3 educational signs designed by Rita with framed by Tom.

(And it is not over yet, as Jim Shelton and his team begin preparation for building a Chimney Swift structure to be installed on the Greenway.)

This Tuesday, July 10, at 9:30 will be the official rededication of the Greenway Garden.  If you can make it, it would be a great opportunity to support FROGs and to give a hardy thanks to all who have been involved in the renovation–especially our “birder builders.”–Suzanne

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